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A motley collection of stuff that may or may not be of interest to anyone other than my mum - and even that isn't certain.
'The Brad and Brenda years'

In 1984 I started picking up illustration work - mostly for women's fiction.

This panel was part of a rather long series involving Brad and Brenda's Scottish cousins, Hamish and Hannah.

I can't remember the story line, but this episode clearly demonstrates the unnerving consequences of dropping illegal substances into a Highland bonfire.

If you want to see some more illustrations, then pop over to my D'Arcy Studios graphics site (see links).



A short musical interlude

I've played fiddle in various bands ever since I can recall, and in 1979, as 'The Kitchen Band', we were one of the supporting artists at the first Fairport Convention Fesitval in Cropredy.

Of course we didn't let this go to our heads, and for some years after we could still be seen 'keeping it real' . . .


. . . by dressing up as sailors . . .


. . . smugglers . . .


. . . and medieval women

But let's get back to painting, eh?
'The Traction Engine Years'

When I gave up illustration and moved over to 'fine art' I cast around for a gap in the print market, and decided the gap was traction engines. Steam fairs had become very popular, and yet I never saw prints of traction engines in the galleries. I quickly discovered there was a very logical reason for this - namely that very few people wanted them.

Still, for a few years I had a lot of fun doing commissions, and the smell of steam and hot oil still brings a smile to my face.


Then I discovered aeroplanes . . .


Frank Twitchett

I've met quite a lot of pilots and other aircrew over the years - one, I was surprised to discover, would have been my headmaster had I gone to my nearest primary school, rather than the one a few streets away - but I only became really good mates with one of them, and that was Frank Twitchett.

Frank and his wife, Kay lived in Leeds, and for years after we'd collaborated on the painting of his Hurricane following the railway line, the whole Perring family would descend on them for tea and buns as we made our way back from the Cumbrian printer I was using at that time.

Frank and Kay were lovely people: generous, hospitable, and boundless in their enthusiasm to help.
He gave me this photo a few years after we'd met. I think it would make a fine accompaniement to the print - so if you want it, just follow the link.

Hurricane pilots
Click image for a full, printable version (without the red ring)